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About Horizon Line

Lawn Care 

We're more than just lawn care.

Horizon Line Lawn Care, once Evan Duffy's Lawn Care, was created by Evan Duffy in 2014. With an interest in business from a young age, Mr. Duffy found himself gravitating towards starting his own small business. Beginning with no more than a push mower, a battery-powered weed whacker, and a broom, Evan Duffy's Lawn Care was ready to launch. Hustling up and down the streets taught Mr. Duffy an immense amount of how to grow a small business and give the best quality service possible to his customers.

After years of many learning experiences, and a whole lot of gained knowledge, Horizon Line Lawn Care LLC is now ready to take off as a fully legitimized LLC, with the best quality lawn service we can provide.


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"Evan and his team are simply awesome! We’ve had a hard time controlling our weeds and maintaining our lawn but Evan and his team were professional and have helped us get the weeds under control and clean up our lawn and maintain it. I highly recommend them!!"

- Haroon Q




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